Bluebells and Nettles

Bluebells and nettles on the cycle path to school pick up this afternoon. So nice to see a tint of blue to the hedgerows just now.

I’m often asked what I draw from, a screen, real life, a photograph and the honest answer is a mixture of all three.

Day to day sketches are usually made from real life, when I suddenly get some spare time or at a live event. Commissions I often take photos to capture the angle I like and then draw from photos.

Today I wanted to stop and draw these bluebells when I saw them but didn’t have the time and so photographed them instead and sketched this from the screen at home.

All three are useful and create slightly different looking sketches. For my in person workshops I have photographs to work from too, just in case the weather isn’t great out.

Sketching Workshops

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