Colour on the castle

Hello all, here is a wee project for your Saturday afternoon – have a go painting with colour only.

This is mine of Edinburgh Castle from this morning, using a water brush and travel set of watercolours I started with a light shade, drawing in the top edge of the castle where it hits the sky. Like a faint silhouette.

Mark in the darker parts of the image adding a little more paint to your brush and let it dry for a couple of minutes before layering another shade on top, filling the darker areas.

Keep layering with different shades until your picture appears out of the mist!

It takes some concentration and keep checking your angles in relation to what you have already drawn, but this process really makes you notice the tonal differences and shapes in terms of colour.

Here is a link to the waterbrushes I use, which are great for working quickly and when you are on location, plus the windsor and newton watercolour sets which again are great for always having with you.

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