Wherearti Edinburgh?

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Monday 30th March

Can you tell me where I have sketched this from?

I loved the effect looking through glass gave this scene.

Leave your answer in the comment box below. Your comment will not show up until I reveal the answer, which I will do before the end of the day.

I will pick a random winner from all correct entries and they will go on to the ‘Winners wall’ for the month. At the end of the month one of those will be picked to receive a prize.

The prize for March is a screen printed tote bag featuring my sketch of Edinburgh Castle.

Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feeds for clues if they are needed later today, and I will pick a winner for the Winners Wall before the end of the day.

Keep looking up and noticing the beauty in the everyday, you never know where I will be sketching next!

If you would like to buy an Edinburgh Sketcher tote you can find them in my Etsy shop.


  1. Edinburgh Sketcher
    2nd April 2020

    Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations, you have won this week’s WhereArtI quiz with your correct answer of Corner of Princes Street and Waverley Bridge. I hope you are staying safe and as usual you will go into the monthly draw for a prize and I will be in touch if you have won.

    All the best, and thanks for playing WhereArtI
    Mark, ES

  2. Karin Stevens
    30th March 2020

    Sketch drawn from the Costa Coffee outside terrace at the Waverley Mall.

  3. Frances Mitchell
    30th March 2020

    Inside the Waverley Mall?

  4. Lewis Smith
    30th March 2020

    Corner of Princes Street and Waverley Bridge looking towards the Balmoral hotel.

  5. Joan Ballantyne
    30th March 2020

    North British hotel from Waverley steps/station

  6. Lesley Kelly
    30th March 2020

    Waverley Steps?

  7. 0apropos
    30th March 2020

    It’s the entrance to Waverley Mall, looking up at the Balmoral clock (probably boarded up, now that time has stopped.)

  8. Anne Denham
    30th March 2020

    Waverley steps?

  9. Cath Ruane
    30th March 2020

    It’s outside Waverley Mall under the glass roof

  10. David Shannon
    30th March 2020

    We used to call it Waverley Market. This is the entrance from Waverley Bridge.

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