Electric power hits Edinburgh streets

This week saw the launch of Edinburgh’s electric bikes, joining the already 500 strong fleet across the city.

I was invited to cover the launch outside the City Chambers on the Royal Mile, as councilors and bosses from Serco and sponsors Just Eat showed off the brand new bicycles which are now available to hire.

The electric versions will stand side by side with their normal bikes in the many dock stations around Edinburgh and are all named after local areas in the city.

To hire a bike you will pay the usual £1.50 per ride as with the other bikes but then an addition 10p per minute for the battery power. With each ride on the Just Eat Cycles currently averaging at around 15 minutes that would be an extra £1.50.

I would definitely encourage you to have ago as the powered bikes are great fun, especially as for the first 2 weeks there is no addition charge. The power is very subtle, its a little like someone running behind you with a hand on your back, giving you a wee push when you need it.

I imagine I might be getting an electric one into town up the hills and then a none electric one home as its mainly down hill.

For more information see the Edinburgh Cycle Hire website below.

Just Eat Cycles website

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