Dinosaurs at the McEwan Hall

When you see a full size dinosaur crossing the road you know the Festival Fringe is full swing.

The dinosaur in question was part of Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, currently showing at the McEwan Hall at 11am each day until August 26th.

Erth’s dinosaurs are manually operated by supremely skilled puppeteers, but interact with the audience and those on stage in a way that makes them come to life.

Like the amazing puppetry in the War Horse and The Lion King it is amazing how even though you can see the people controlling them, you quickly look to the puppets faces and movements as if they are real.

It gets me every time, and it is a joy. The show was filled with educational facts too and the host was great fun, especially with those who he brought up on stage to see the creatures up close.

And a nice touch was that after the show everyone got to pet the smaller dinos outside and grab a photo too.

Great fun, my two loved it. Especially the flying. For more info and to book a ticket see the link below.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo via Underbelly

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