Reflections on my sketches

Last Friday was National Selfie Day and to mark the occasion I was asked to sketch a lift mirror in the Apex Grassmarket hotel.

I took over the mirror on Thursday night and drew my design using Posca pens. These markers are a revelation I discovered when I drew on the window of the west end shop Paper Tiger.

They can draw over almost any surface and have the added bonus of being easy to clean off after a promotion.

I loved the challenge of drawing on such a large scale and using the grey and silver markers made for a great effect.

I imagine this would work well at a wedding event, a large scale piece drawn for the night and personal to the bride and groom.

If you are interested in discussing me making a bespoke illustration for your event then let me know.

Thank to Apex Hotels for commissioning me, and to Matt Beech for the photograph of me drawing 🙂

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