WhereArtI Edinburgh?

Posted on Feb 4, 2019

Can you name this week’s sketched location?

If you know leave your answer in the comment box below. I will pick a random winner from all correct entries on Tuesday morning, and they will go on to the ‘Winners wall’ for the month. At the end of the month one of those on the wall will be picked to receive a prize.

The prize for February is a set of my Edinburgh coasters.

Printed right here in Scotland. Each one is a premium glossy 9cm x 9cm hardboard coaster, they’re great quality and the colours really pop. 

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Leave your answer in the comment box below …

Your comment will not show up until the winner is announced. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feeds for clues if they are needed later today, and I will pick a winner for the Winners Wall tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you join us to play along and keep looking up and noticing the beauty in the everyday, you never know where I will be sketching next!

If you would like to buy a set of my coasters for 12.95 plus postage then you can order one HERE from my Etsy shop.




  1. Edinburgh Sketcher
    6th February 2019

    February 4th WhereArtI answer: This is the clock tower of Donaldson’s School building in West Coates, from a detailed commission I was working on in December. Niamh Crimmins was randomly picked from the correct answers to go into this month’s prize draw. Thanks for playing, more next Monday.

    You can purchase the full Donaldson’s painting as a print here:

  2. Edinburgh Sketcher
    6th February 2019

    Ahh yes, I love that when the roads are full of supporters 🙂

  3. Edinburgh Sketcher
    6th February 2019

    How lucky!! I greatly enjoyed my walk around the grounds 🙂

  4. Edinburgh Sketcher
    6th February 2019

    Wow, what a lovely place to work Frances 🙂

  5. Edinburgh Sketcher
    6th February 2019

    Hello Morag, I am so glad you are happy with your drawing!!

  6. Frances Inglis
    5th February 2019

    I think this is the former Donaldson’s College (where I worked for 10 years…)

  7. Morag Stewart
    5th February 2019

    It’s the clock tower of The Playfair at Donaldson’s, formerly Donaldson’s School – we have your fabulous original drawing on our wall as it was a Christmas present!

  8. Victoria
    5th February 2019

    George Heriots School

  9. Francesca Jones
    4th February 2019

    Is it Stewart’s Melville College? 😊

  10. Fiona Stewart
    4th February 2019

    Donaldsons School!

    My new home! 🙂

  11. Niamh Crimmins
    4th February 2019

    Donaldson’s School for the Deaf/Orphan hospital, West Coates, Edinburgh?!?!

  12. Karin Stevens
    4th February 2019

    Donaldson’s school for deaf people (Linlithgow).

  13. Alison Thomson
    4th February 2019

    The former Donaldson’s School for the deaf (now The Playfair at Donaldson’s I believe) at Easter Coates.

  14. Graeme Byers
    4th February 2019

    Old Donaldson school now flats

  15. Tom
    4th February 2019

    That’s the clock tower of the old Donaldsons School Playfair Building

  16. Lizzie Rynne
    4th February 2019

    Hi Mark.

    This is the as once was Donaldson School.


  17. Diane Adams
    4th February 2019

    Donaldsons school.

  18. Claire Robertson
    4th February 2019

    Playfair at Donaldson’s (formerly Donaldson’s School)

  19. Carol Robertson
    4th February 2019

    I think todays sketch is George Herriots School

  20. Arthur McKie
    4th February 2019

    This is an easy one even for me, tho my first thought was George Heriot’s, however the clue gives it away – It is the central clock tower over entrance to the former Donaldson’s school.
    A beautiful building always to marvel at as one walks along Roseburn Terrace to Murrayfield stadium.

  21. Joan Ballantyne
    4th February 2019

    Donaldson’s school for the deaf.
    No wonder it looked very familiar as you see this every time you walk to and fro to arrive at Murrayfield!

  22. David Shannon
    4th February 2019

    Donaldson’s School on the Glasgow Road.

  23. Sally Anderson
    4th February 2019

    Donaldsons Hospital School

  24. Jessica Barrett
    4th February 2019

    I think it’s Donaldson’s.

  25. Melanie Robinson
    4th February 2019

    The centrepiece of the old Donaldson’s School

  26. 0apropos
    4th February 2019

    It’s used-to-be-Donaldson’s School on West Coates.

    4th February 2019

    Donaldsons College Edinburgh

  28. Fiona Johnston
    4th February 2019

    Answer: George Herriot’s School! x

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