Sketching the little monkeys

Last week I took the kids out to Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho for a little fun in the newly opened soft play Scrambles.

The Sketcher twins can’t get enough of soft play, and tear around in circles getting more and more hyper – and bright red until exhausted they return to down a juice before heading back into the padded jungle of fun!

I am a little more relaxed about letting them go now (I used to follow them in and to be honest have a great time trying to squeeze through the squidgy mini doors and over the bouncy slides) and with the new found time I thought I would try to sketch the children.

The newly reopened Scrambles area at EICA had three separate sections depending on the age of the children, (up to 10 years) which is a great idea as in many places this is combined and the toddlers can get clattered by the speedy older ones.

There is also a couple of cafe areas so plenty of space to relax and a the same time exhaust yourself just watching the little ones burn off their energy!

I managed a couple of sketches but could of spent a lot more time there trying to capture the movement, it reminded me of drawing the squirrel monkeys at Edinburgh Zoo, especial when they were crossing the rope walkway!

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena website

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