Ravelston Garden buildings

This striking building on Craigleith Crescent is known as Ravelston Garden and always catches my eye as I pass by in the car, usually on the way the either the Modern Art Gallery or Craigleith Retail park.

One such time I had a little time so stopped to sketch the view. I was looking for a location for my WhereArtI quiz and thought this was ideal. Somewhere I would recognise but not necessarily know the location of from memory.

Designed by Andrew Neil and Robert Hurd, in the 1930’s the buildings were originally known as the Jenners flats, who were the managing agents. Ravelston Garden is a category A listed building, designated by Historic Scotland for “national or international importance”.

I love finding out a little bit more about the buildings I draw, and hope you do too.

This drawing was created with a black 0.3 fine liner and a water brush and watercolour set.

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