WhereArtI 19th November 2018

Posted on Nov 19, 2018

Can you name this week’s Edinburgh sketched location?

If you know leave you answer in the comment box below. I will pick a random winner from all correct entries on Tuesday morning, and they will go on to the ‘Winners wall’ for the month. At the end of the month those on the wall will be entered into a draw to receive a prize.

The prize for November is a set of my brand new coasters. These are the first coasters I have had made, printed right here in Scotland. Each one is a premium glossy 9cm x 9cm hardboard coaster, the colours really pop and they are great quality. 

Leave your answer in the comment box below …

Your comment will not show up until the winner is announced. Keep an eye on my facebook and twitter feeds for clues if they are needed later today, and I will pick a winner for the Winners Wall tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you join us to play along and keep looking up and noticing the details in the everyday, you never know where I will be sketching next time!



  1. Pete Scott
    22nd November 2018

    Moray Place

  2. Edinburgh Sketcher
    21st November 2018

    #WhereArtI 19th November: This is Clarendon Crescent in the West End of Edinburgh, although it may look like other crescents in Edinburgh this one has some distinctive lamps. Well done Lizzie Rynne who was randomly picked to go into this month’s draw for a set of my new Edinburgh coasters. More next Monday!


  3. Diane Adams
    20th November 2018

    judging by the lampposts and the flat topped railings this is Clarendon Crescent.
    Diane Adams.

  4. Emily Shaw-Leam
    20th November 2018

    Royal Circus

    20th November 2018


  6. Christina Cheong
    19th November 2018

    Royal Crescent

  7. Sally Anderson
    19th November 2018

    Bellevue Crescent

  8. Mairi Lucas
    19th November 2018

    Is it Atholl Crescent?

  9. Lizzie Rynne
    19th November 2018

    Ahha! Found you.

    I think this is Clarendon Crescent.


  10. Fran Whitton
    19th November 2018

    Very difficult one so a bit of a randomgurss at St Bernards Cres.

  11. Gita
    19th November 2018

    Is it Randolph Crescent?

  12. Carol Dawson
    19th November 2018

    Coates Crescent?

  13. Dorothy Collison
    19th November 2018

    Moray Place

  14. Dorothy Collison
    19th November 2018

    Moray crescent

  15. 0apropos
    19th November 2018

    It’s Clarendon Crescent.

    An odd lamppost – only other ones I found (not nearby) were on the gallery on the mound. Which didn’t help at all.

  16. Louise Ross
    19th November 2018

    Atholl Crescent

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