A new commission in a brand new building

CPG Photography

Today Lidl opened a new superstore on Easter Road, and they commissioned me to create a sketch for their wall.

The brief was to show the new store as both part of the local area and Edinburgh as a whole.

I really enjoyed sketching this out as it was a little stretch for me as many of the angles and perspectives are made up,
(I didn’t really have a seagulls eye view of the street!).

Easter Road swirls and curves its way into the centre of Edinburgh way in the distance, again not exactly right but suits the flow of the image. Leith Lines is hanging up on the first floor of the new Lidl store and you will see it if entering from the carpark area which is on the ground floor.

The Easter Road store is uniquely designed with shopping on the first floor and a large car park on the ground floor. The shop has a 1286 m² sales area and has an in-store bakery.

Pop in and have a look and let me know what you think of the sketch.

Giveaway: If you take a picture of my in store sketch and post it online, and be sure to tag me in  it – then I will pick one to receive a print of Leith Lines. 


Lidl website

Thanks CPG Photography for the image. 


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