Circus fun in the Meadows

As the festival comes to a close for 2018 I remember a great day at the circus hub.

I was spent a day at the Circus Hub in the Meadows and saw some amazing acts this year. I would say the sketcher Twins (aged 7) favourite was Wolfgang, a clever slapstick acrobatic routine in which two performers amused by tumbling and climbing all over each other.

Although there was proper belly laughs from my two I was a little disappointed in the price difference of just £1 between an adult(£14) and child ticket (£13), especially as they ended up sitting on our knees.

I loved the flamethrowing antics of KittyBangBang, below and…

the spell binding Oliver Smith Wellnitz on the trapeze, below. I sketched quickly as the acts displayed the amazing talents and confidence. It is alway inspiring to see people so skilled and dedicated to their passion.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them both perform as part of the rated cabaret show ‘Little Death Club’. Lets hope they all come back next year!

Underbelly Circus Hub website



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