Glorious Kelpies in the afternoon sunshine

This week I was sketching in Stirling and stopped in on the Kelpies on my way home.

I love seeing these magnificent 30 metre high sculptures up close, and each time I pass by them whilst travelling the M9 I wish I had more time to stop and have a closer look. This week I made time and it is only the second time I have visited the Andy Scott sculptures since they appeared here 2013

Rising high above the M9 the 300 tonne sculptures reside at Helix Park on the Union Canal, between Falkirk and Grangemouth on a large piece of ground which also houses a visitor centre and huge climbing playground.

There is lots to do at The Helix and well worth a visit not just for the awe inspiring Kelpies, for more information follow the link below.

The Helix website

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