Tonal sketching with brush work only today

As an artist I am always learning and love to see new ways of creating art, simply reversing the way you work can create a new perspective.

I always remember an art teacher telling me to look at my piece in a mirror because that is how a new viewer sees your work. Try it, it can be very off putting when you have spent time working on your piece and then to see it reversed is very strange.

Its a great way to highlight wonky lines or unbalanced composition.

Often simple differences to the way you work can create new insights and fresh perspectives. This afternoon I skipped my usual initial fineliner line drawing and went straight to waterbrush and a watercolour wash.

This was a little hard to get my head round at first, instead of drawing lines I created shapes of shadow. Building up tonal areas and trusting that the finished piece would come together.

I will let you be the judge but I like the softer finish and enjoyed the exercise. I think I will add this to my upcoming sketching workshops, details of which you can see on the ‘Sketching Workshops page‘.

I have a number of dates coming up in various locations around the city. All abilities are welcome and all materials provided. I hope to meet some of you there.

My Sketching Workshops Page.

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