Scottish wild flowers in Victoria Park

Flowers Victoria Park
There is a beautiful patch of wild looking flowers in Victoria Park running alongside the cycle path entrance and tunnel which runs under Craighall Road.

Yesterday I took and hour to capture a small selection in ink and watercolour. Drawing for me has always been a way of relaxing, of taking time out of an otherwise hectic day and to shut out the million and one things arguing for space in my head. Just for an hour or so this can be hugely beneficial and often causes a new perspective on things once I return from my ‘me time’.

I recommend you do the same, either with myself on one of my Sketcher Days or just on your own. Pick up a pad and pen and get creative!

Join me this Friday and on dates throughout September, October and November as I join up with creative hub Arienas Collective to run sketching workshops. For more information click HERE.

This drawing was drawn in a black fineliner with a watercolour wash added on location. The original has been sold but mounted prints are available from £19.50 HERE.

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