The Range in the Rain

Range in the RainThis morning I had a delivery to make at Kinnaird Park so called in to The Range, a large home department store on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

For those that don’t know I have a new illustrated book out in partnership with Mary’s Meanders. The book is made up of drawings of locations around central Scotland which have been used in the popular US series Outlander and original series of historical novels by Diana Gabaldon

The book is now on sale at many Historic Scotland properties, many of which are illustrated in the book. Today I was dropping off a new shipment of books to their warehouse near Kinnaird Park.

And so on the way home I dropped into The Range where I get many of my art supplies, they have a large art and craft section at a reasonable prices. In fact it can be a dangerous place for, I often come out with far more than what I went in for!!

Range photo

This drawing was drawn from the car park as the rain lashed down on the windscreen

The Range website

Mary’s Meanders website

Link to buy my Outlander themed book, ‘Midhope and More’.

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