Second day blues

My second day wasn’t so successful at Edinburgh Printmakers, but making mistakes teaches you more. 

2/? Day two in my latest stone Lithography project, and after yesterday’s grinding of the stone and sketching of the two images, today I etched for printing. 

Having noted the sky’s in both of my drawings were too dark I wanted to etch away some of the darker parts before adding the ink.

Unfortunately I over etched and when it came to the print some of the areas were washed out, not dark enough and missing the contrast I was looking for.

All is not lost though and the experts at EP showed me a few techniques to scrap back the over etch and add more greasy drawing to hopefully add contrast.

The stones are now resting until I can arrange another session to try another print from the new etch.

Not easy and a lot of ups and downs, and experimentation to come but I’m enjoying learning more about the process each time I am in the studio. 

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