Beauty around every corner in Edinburgh

It may not be the sunniest day in the capital and it seems winter is back for the time being, but that doesn’t stop the city’s beauty shining through.

Walking through through the north of Edinburgh this morning I walked along Wariston Road and under this stone bridge over the Water of Leith. The bridge once held part of the old railway and now a stretch of the Goldenacre cycle path.

Ducks swam closeby as I sketched my drawing in ink and watercolour using my super easy water brush.

After twenty minutes my hands were numb and I packed up, raced along Warriston Road to Cannonmills and the warmth of a delicious latte in Coffee Angel on Brandon Terrace.

Water of Leith information website

Coffee Angel website


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  1. Hello
    When I was a child in mid 1930s we stayed in Broughton Road. This bridge was our favourite swimming spot as it was the only place deep enough to swim. Needless to say our mums had forbidden us to do so and we were supposed to stay up in the shallower water fishing for minnows at Pudiky near the old greyhound stadium.

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