Stone details from the Botanics

Botanics Queen Pavillion detailThis stylised architectural detail on a pavilion window is full of character and beautifully carved.

One of my main reasons for starting Edinburgh Sketcher was to highlight the exquisite details found around the city which often get overlooked or missed in the everyday commute through the streets of Edinburgh.

This one may be a little off the beaten track in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh for most commuters but the detail and artistry on show is worth a visit. The stag I have sketched makes up part of the stone window frame on the pavilion in the Queen Mother Memorial Garden, which was designed by Lachlan Stewart of Anta Architecture.

Inside the pavilion is a beautiful stained glass landscape and hundreds of shells on the wall, a great place for the children to play and hide but remember to also look outside for the stag!

Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh website

Sketch made with pen and watercolour.


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