Never a wasted journey in Leith, Edinburgh

leith-theatre-and-registrar-officeWhen recently at Leith Regestry Office without an appointment I had time to spare, and time to sketch.

Behind the beautiful building which houses Leith Library and Registry Office is the Leith Theatre, which is also home to the Thomas Morton Hall.

The theatre was a gift from the people of Edinburgh to the people of Leith following the decision on 10th October 1920 to incorporate the Burgh of Leith into Edinburgh.

The theatre has been closed since 1988 but the Leith Theatre Trust was established in 2004 as a community trust with an aim to return the building to a use which will add value to the Leith Community and generate business in the area. Find out more about the building at the link below.

I had to return to the registry office the next day, so if wanting a copy of your birth certificate remember to call ahead and make an appointment!

Sketch drawn on location with ink, watercolour and a ‘water brush’.

Leith Theatre website

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