Festival Theatre sketching with the Edinburgh International Festival


Super excited to be back sketching in the theatre and watching Scottish Ballet perform MC14/22 (Ceci est mon corps) at the Festival Theatre.

MC14/22 is an emotional piece, sometimes violent, tender, confusing but ulitmately unforgettable. Using 12 male dancers it’s energetic and intense choreography is inspired by St Mark’s version of The Last Supper in the Bible: ‘Take, eat: this is my body’.

Here are some of my sketches as I tried to capture the movement and emotion on stage.



Not an easy task when drawing in almost complete darkness, I scribbled away in my sketch pad and added colour once the theatre lights were turned back up.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the second set ‘Emergence’ but you can see both together at the Festival Theatre until August 20th.


Edinburgh International Festival website

Scottish Ballet website


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