Wonderful workshops of Hamilton & Inches

HamilltonInches_TheRookBehind the purple exterior of 87 George street hides a world of creation, skill and mystery.

Paul - Click for a full image
Paul – Click for a larger image

Celebrating 150 years of creating handcrafted silver Generations of skilled workers create amazing pieces of jewellery.

Jewellers and silversmiths for 150 years, Hamilton & Inches is home to generations of craftsmen, creating amazing pieces in their three story workshops in centre of Edinburgh’s George Street.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting a few of their creative geniuses.

Like Paul and his dad Panos who is training his son in the art of being a silversmith. In this sketch Paul is ‘chasing’ a Kelpie candle holder, With a drawing for reference he hammers out a 3d image of the famous Andy Scott design.

And Rowena, who was on placement from university, learning on the job skills surrounded by such beautiful pieces and talented people must be amazing. When I was there Rowena was filing down some tiny pieces for a silver pendant.

In another room Master Engraver, Ruairidh was engraving a silver Quaich.

Rowena – Click for a larger image

Surrounded by sharp implements, mini hammers and intricate detailed designs on pieces of paper taped to the desk, and with an eye held magnifying glass and earphones in place he was in a creative world of his own.

So go along and see the Rook on George Street and the beautiful items on display in the George Street shop, and spare a thought for the skills that go into such objects, skills that haven’t changed for 150 years.

All sketches were made in the workshops of Hamilton and Inches, with black fine liner and a watercolour wash.

Hamilton and Inches website


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