Newhaven Lighthouse, Edinburgh

NewhavenLighthouseA symbol of hope, of solid if treacherous ground ahead, a shining light in the fog.

Some of the reasons lighthouses appeal to people, they are often a subject of choice for photographers and artists and this fine example at Newhaven harbour in Edinburgh is no exception.

Search for Newhaven Lighthouse Edinburgh in google images to see what I mean, many stunning sunsets have been captured here. I decided to visit a little earlier in the day however.

I live close by and this lighthouse and Granton Harbour are a favourite sketching area for me. I love to take a break from the city and hear the tinkle of the boats as they rock in the harbour.

Take a trip down to Leith and walk along the coast, or catch a number 11 or 16 bus from the city centre to Newhaven Harbour.

The above image was sketched on location with black fineliner and watercolour paint. Drawn on A4 watercolour paper the original is for sale for £140 and prints can be bought from £18. Contact me at to buy.  


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