WhereArtI : 23rd May 2016 : Edinburgh

Do you recognise my sketch this week Edinburgh?

If so let me know below for the chance to earn points on the leader board. The WhereArtI competition goes live every Monday morning at 8am, I sketch a location in Edinburgh, you tell me where I am. On the first Monday of each month however, the sketch could be anywhere in Scotland.

There are points on offer for the first three correct answers, with a prize to who tops the leader board at the end of the year. Good luck every one! Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter throughout the day for clues if they are needed. Answer to come before Tuesday morning.

If you would like to sponsor the quiz or feature in the quiz, then get in touch at contact@edinburghsketcher.com

8 thoughts on “WhereArtI : 23rd May 2016 : Edinburgh”

  1. This is the junction of Ferry Road and Summerside Place, as seen fro Trafalgar Street in the north of Edinburgh. This weeks first three were: Lizzie Rynne, Dunedinhen and Ronald OMalley.

  2. Sorry to be late, busy morning but yes I agree, junction of Trafalgar Street, Ferry Road & Summerside Place.

  3. Sorry, I’m not sure I get the reference to Jamacia Street??
    The sketch is drawn from Trafalgar Street

  4. I think this is on the corner of Ferry Road/ Summerside Place.
    The sketch make it look very nice!!!!

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