Drawing inspiration from the Harmonium Project and the Edinburgh International Festival

Posted on Aug 8, 2015

I am looking for your inspirational photos of the Harmonium Project for a new original work of art.

Unfortunately I was unable to witness the opening of the Edinburgh International Festival and the spectacular Hamonium Project at the Usher Hall last night in person. However I was so blown away by the photos on social media that I would love to create some art work from the event, and I would like you to be involved.


I am looking for your photos plus a quote about how you found the event. Send me your digital photo and a line of text, for example “It was incredible! One of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen!” to contact@edinburghsketcher.com with the subject “Harmonium Project”.


In exchange for providing the inspiration for my art work I will send each person included in the piece a signed, numbered copy.


UsherHall_colourject, usher hall, edinburgh international festival



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