A memory of Edinburgh’s Christmas in pencil

ChristmasInPencilMore new year organising and tidying of the studio today, and finding forgotten sketches on scraps of paper in boxes….

Another wintry day in the capital and one best to spend in doors I think, so I’m going through a few boxes of sketch pads and scraps of paper with doodles and notes on. I found this pencil sketch of Princes Street during Christmas time.


I’m not sure when exactly I drew it but it must be at least two years ago as the Helter Skelter is in Princes Street Gardens and the big wheel is hanging out over Princes Street. For once there are no notes along side the drawing to date and give details, which itself is a sign that this isn’t a recent sketch. It is certainly pre trams though.


I thought you may like to take a look though, as we say goodbye to Edinburgh’s Christmas for another 11 months and look forward to the warm  (fingers crossed) summer months ahead.



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