Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Blogmanay, Day 1

PrincesSt_blogmanay2014Last night I met up with bloggers both local and international for the launch of #Blogmanay 2014/15

The view above is from The Mound which curls up from Princes Street to George IV Bridge. Sat outside the Assembly Hall I could see the length of Princes Street and the sparkling lights of Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations below.



I realise the lights and the shows aren’t for everyone but I love this time of year and think Edinburgh is looking magical at the moment, sparkling in the frosty night and ready for the best party in the world!


After a #blogmanay briefing with the lovely team from Edinburgh’s Hogmanay we were treated to a delicious meal and tour of The Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile.


Surrounded by around 3000 beautiful old bottles of whisky which were back lit to give the worlds largest whisky collection a beautiful amber glow, we tasted a specially chosen Glenmorangie Taghta which went down very well indeed.


Below is my sketch from within the whisky collection room.





Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Edinburgh’s Christmas

The Scotch Whisky Experience



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