Poppies on Princes Street

PoppiesPrincesStreetA Field of Remembrance has been created this week in Princes Street Gardens, next to the Scott Monument.


Thousands of small wooden crosses, each with a personal dedication and poppy, have been planted next to the Scott Monument.


The Field of Remembrance is open to the public for poppy week until Monday 11th November when there will be a service to remember the the millions killed, injured and effected by conflicts since Armistice Day, 1919.


Each year Poppyscotland helps thousands of ex-Servicemen and women, and their families, overcome physical, emotional and financial difficulties. Learn more at the link below.


Scottish Poppy Appeal


In an effort to raise a little money for PoppyScotland I will be producing 100 giclee prints of this image, signed, numbered and individually mounted.

Each will be £20 (including postage) and £10 from each one sold will go to PoppyScotland. If you are interested email me at contact@edinburghsketcher.com or visit my Etsy shop HERE.

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