The Fish Eatery restaurant in Edinburgh

FishEatery_rollmopsAs the second restaurant in Edinburgh for chef Jason Wright Fish Eatery at 12 Picardy Place had a lot to live up to.

The new fish restaurant is located next door to Jason’s flagship restaurant Steak, which has proved a huge ssuccess I myself can testify to having the best steak not only in Edinburgh but in my life there earlier this year. A sketch of which can be found here.


I started with ‘Rollmops in a tin’ which were presented as if just opened, extremely fresh and tasty. Accompanied with tempura gherkins, light and crispy on top of a dill mustard sauce. Delicious.


The main of ‘Roast Sea Bass’ was extremely hard to sketch before eating, the enticing aromas making my mouth water. Sat upon seared spiced cabbage and a potato purée the sea bass didn’t disappoint. Crispy on top, succulent and meaty underneath, perfect. Dotted around the fist were chestnut mushrooms on a garlic butter sauce.


After reliving that meal I need to visit again! To book your table follow the link below and let me know what you think. All sketches are in black ink in my A5 pad with a water colour wash to finish.


The Fish Eatery website




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