Social in St Andrews Square

SocialInTheSquare_2Edinburgh’s festival of social enterprise, the first in Scotland was a roaring success, showing off Edinburgh’s social enterprises in a glorious setting.


It may be hard to remember the sunshine and clear blue skies of Saturday now we seem to be stuck in a week long cloud, but for anyone who was in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh on either Friday or Saturday you will have seen some great weather for Social in the Square.


With fun activities for children and adults, music and dance, delicious food and beautiful products to buy, the park had a carnival feel as folk just passing through decided to stop, have a look around and soak up the atmosphere.


These are my sketches from the day, the top on is the Remade in Edinburgh stall, follow the link below to find out more about that great organisation. The far bottom one I drew on one of the official flyers in my toddlers felt tips, reverting to my ‘draw on anything with anything’ mantra!



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