Help Tupiniquim, the Brasilian crepes police box

TupiniquimI’m a passionate supporter of independent retailers in Edinburgh and love to promote and spread the word of these treasures that make our high streets unique.


For a while now I had wanted to sketch Tupiniquim, the police box selling Brazilian crepes and delicious, healthy fruit juices at the top of Meadow Middle Walk after passing it many times. This week it jumped to the top of my ‘to sketch’ list however after I heard they may have to sell up.


After four years renting and transforming the ex police box into a foody favourite, the owners now want to sell up, placing Tupiniquim in jeapody unless they can raise the funds to buy the Edinburgh land mark.


Not just a healthy food and drink haven, the kiosk also transforms into a stage for performers and a screen for open air cinema nights.  I love the diversity and ideas that the Tupiniquim Family have, and want to see what else they can do in such a great location.


So please head to their Kickstarter page, link below, to pledge what you can and watch a video from Tupiniquim. They only have a few days left but are already almost at the half way point.

I wish them all the best and hopefully this will have a happy ending, Edinburgh needs these self built, original and inspiring businesses to succeed.


Tupiniquim website

Tupiniquim Kickstarter page



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