The WhereArtI Quiz, 26th May

Posted on May 26, 2014

WAI_260514WhereArtI time, and I hope you enjoy your bank holiday Monday. But can you name this week’s sketchy location?


There are leader board points on offer for the first three correct answers. Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter throughout the day for clues if they are needed. Answers to come later in the week. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz or indeed feature in the quiz, then get in touch HERE.


  1. EdinburghSketcher
    1st June 2014

    Well done indeed, this is St Bernard’s Crescent in Stockbridge. A beautiful curved street in Edinburgh. Top marks to B Hunter, @CammyRitchie and @0apropos

  2. Bryan Mackie
    26th May 2014

    Bellview Crescent

  3. Frances Mitchell
    26th May 2014

    St Bernard’s Crescent

  4. Laura O'Keefe
    26th May 2014

    Sorry, meant St Bernard’s Crescent!

  5. Laura O'Keefe
    26th May 2014

    St Bernard’s Terrace, Stockbridge

  6. Gillian White
    26th May 2014

    I think it’s St Bernards Crescent

  7. 0apropos
    26th May 2014

    It’s the 2CV wot gives it away!

    St Bernie’s Crescent

  8. George Johnstone
    26th May 2014

    Hopetoun crescent

  9. Bill Hunter
    26th May 2014

    Looks like St Bernard’s crescent ?

  10. Susan Reid
    26th May 2014

    Hopetoun crescent me thinks ?

  11. Caroline
    26th May 2014

    Hopetoun crescent?

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