Sketches from on board an Edinburgh Tram

Tram_InsideCarriageThis morning I was one of the lucky few to take a ride on one of Edinburgh’s brand new trams, from St Andrew Square to the Airport and back.

The first thing I noticed once on board was how big the tram is, like the Tardis from Doctor Who the interior looks much larger and longer than the exterior lets on. The second thing I noticed once we had set off towards the Airport was just how quiet it was, we seemed to be gliding effortlessly along the tracks. What better way to check the smoothness of a journey than to paint a picture?!!


As we passed through Haymarket, up hill and right by Murrayfield Stadium the scenery opened up and the views spread out over the countryside. At Balgreen I noticed how the tracks rose up to give a great vista back towards Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat, one I captured below on the way back into town.


As we re entered the city I noticed how people are still not quite used to the trams, almost stepping in front of us as we approached, the driver alerting them with a ‘clang clang’ of the bell. I can see why the Edinburgh Trams are putting so much effort into their ‘Careful Now’ campaign to make residents and visitors aware that the trams are now operational.


On a beautiful day such as today the journey is worth making just for the stunning panoramas of our city, and I envy any new visitor to Edinburgh entering the city this way from the airport.


  • Edinburgh Trams website





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