The WhereArtI Quiz, 7th April

WAI_070414WhereArtI time folks and as it is the first Monday of the month, the answer could be anywhere in Scotland. Can you tell me where I’ve been sketching?

No clues just yet but I’ll back later if you are having trouble. Have a great Monday 🙂

There are leader board points on offer for the first three correct answers. Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter throughout the day for clues if they are needed. Answers to come later in the week. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz get in touch HERE.

36 thoughts on “The WhereArtI Quiz, 7th April”

  1. Spot on everyone, or most of you. Linlithgow Palace it is. A fantastic place for running about pretending to be soldiers on horseback with the kids!!
    Congrats and 3pts for G White, 2pts for Bill Hunter and 1 for C McLean. Join in next week when WhereArtI will be back in Edinburgh 🙂

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