The WhereArtI quiz, 17th February 2014

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

WAI170214WhereArtI time and this one may have you guessing. Do you recognise this building I sketched using my PromarkerPens?

If you do let me know below, and this week we have a fabulous prize: A beautiful painting or photographic 2014 calender from Jennifer Watson Thanks Jennifer! Plus there are leader board points are on offer for the first three correct answers.

Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter for clues throughout the day if they are needed. Answers to come by this time tomorrow. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz get in touch HERE.

And stay tuned for some exciting WhereArtI news to come in the next few days…


  1. EdinburghSketcher
    17th February 2014

    And the answer is…. The new Haymarket Station in Edinburgh’s West End. Well done all but especially Caroline who wins the calender, plus three points on the leader board. Two points go to 0apropos and one to Stefan Sagrott. More next week 😉

  2. Cyclingmollie
    17th February 2014

    I think that’s the outside of Haymarket Station.

  3. Sonia
    17th February 2014

    It’s Haymarket, the new bit. Great drawing!! – Didn’t realise I had to post here as well as twitter 🙂

  4. Frances Mitchell
    17th February 2014

    Haymarket Station

  5. Susan Reid
    17th February 2014

    Hay market station x

  6. Claire
    17th February 2014

    That’s Haymarket Station from across the road I think…

  7. Gillian White
    17th February 2014

    Haymarket station

  8. Stefan Sagrott
    17th February 2014

    The new Haymarket Station

  9. 0apropos
    17th February 2014

    The all new, all shiny Haymarket Station.

  10. Caroline
    17th February 2014

    Haymarket station?

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