The EdinburghSketcher WhereArtI quiz

WAI_270114It’s WhereArtI time and here is your weekly sketch quiz. Can you name this Edinburgh building I have sketched? I need the present full name and, for a bonus point the original name…

Have a guess below, there are no prizes this week but leader board points are on offer for the first three correct answers.

Keep an eye on the facebook and twitter for clues throughout the day if they are needed. Answers to come by this time tomorrow. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz get in touch HERE.

And stay tuned for some exciting WhereArtI news to come in the next few days…

32 thoughts on “The EdinburghSketcher WhereArtI quiz”

  1. WhereArtI Update: A Sikh Temple, and formerly St Thomas’ Church, Leith. Now called the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Sheriff Brae, this beautiful building was build with funds donated by successful Leith merchant, Sir John Gladstone.

    This weeks top three are 0apropos (3pts), Susan Reid(2pts), @stoneygran (1pt). Well done, more next week along with hopefully some exciting news regarding future WhereArtI’s 🙂

  2. Think it’s the Guru Nanak Gurdwaras Singh Sabha Temple, formerly St Thomas Church in Leith

  3. Going to take a stab that it’s Napier University Morningside Campus, formerly Morningside Parish Church.

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