Self made Christmas cards

Hand drawn cards printed in numbers can make beautiful personal Christmas cards.


HarveysCard EviesCard

I love a hand made Christmas card, and this year I have been lucky enough to receive a few of these hand drawn but professionally printed cards that many nurseries and primary schools are now making for their students.


It’s a very personal card but one you can send to many friends and family members. And like putting a sketch behind glass, seeing your drawing printed on a card can makes it look more professional.


These two are by Harvey Bilsland and Evie Hudson. Thanks and well done, they look super.


Seeing these has made me more determined than ever to start the ‘Guest Sketcher’ ย part of my sight. Something I have planned to do for sometime, highlighting an amateur artist for a month at a time and giving them some space on in which to show their work.


More to come soon… but if you are interested in showcasing your doodles leave me a message below.


Merry Christmas!

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