A post box sketch

Postbox2013This is a busy time for post boxes as the nation takes to snail mail to send there greetings cards and parcels in the run up to Christmas.


Today is the first of the ‘last recommended posting dates for UK letters and parcels’ before Christmas. Now is also the only time of year I would stand in line outside a post office.


While I waited for it to open this morning, first in a steadily growing queue on St Mary’s Street, I used my time wisely and sketched the post box outside.


The GR near the base dates this box as being erected within the time of King George V, 1910-1936. The G stands for George and the R for Rex, which is King in Latin. If you were wondering.


More final dates for UK letters and parcels:

Wed 18th Dec – 2nd class

Fri 20th Dec – 1st class

Mon 23rd Dec – Special delivery guaranteed



  • Post office website


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