The WhereArtI weekly sketch quiz

WAI191113axWhereArtI time, and how well do you know Edinburgh? Can you name this street?


No prize this week but points as always for the hotly contested leader board. This sketch is a cropped version of the full sketch and I’ll revveal a little more of the street as the day progresses. Or perhaps you have the answer already…

The rules are simple, each week I sketch a mystery location within Edinburgh, all you have to do is tell me where I am. Can you place the sketch?

Answer below and also to keep an eye on the facebook and twitter for clues throughout the day if they are needed. Answers to come by this time tomorrow, if not before. If you would like to donate a prize for the quiz get in touch HERE.

26 thoughts on “The WhereArtI weekly sketch quiz”

  1. Well you are all too good by half, it was hard to show part of such an iconic street without giving the game away. I’ll post the full sketch this afternoon, top marks all round, it is indeed Victoria Street 🙂

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