A behind the scenes visit to Forth One radio

GrantStott1I spent a very interesting morning down in the studio of Forth One radio today, sitting in with Grant Stott as he broadcast his show to the nation.  

An Edinburgh institution, Grant Stott has been the face (and voice) of Forth One radio for over twenty years. Before today I knew three main things about the man, firstly he does a lot of work for charity in the city. Second he is a huge Hibernian football club fan and thirdly each Christmas he plays a villain in the King’s Theatre pantomime.  From today I’ll add to that list that Grant is a thoroughly nice chap, very welcoming and accommodating as I moved around the wee studio looking for the best angle to sketch from.


 “Grant is a thoroughly nice chap, very welcoming.”


Surrounded by microphones, wires and monitors Grant can keep up to date with social media, news information and current affairs whilst delivering his current music playlist, and comical anecdotes.


Perhaps a little self concious I started with a sketch from the back of the room, but the result (the pencil sketch) shows the amount of screens and microphones, wires and gadgets Grant has at his disposal. And gives a good sense of the room in which he works.


Feeling more confident I moved around the front to capture the master at work. It was great fun and a good experience to see behind the scenes of a national radio station. I hope I gave you all a glimpse too, through my sketches.


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