Watch a weaver in the Dovecot Studios

DovecotStudiosThis afternoon I visited the Dovecot Studios, on Infirmary Street. Housed in a beautifully renovated Victorian swimming pool the architecture alone is worth a trip. 


I didn’t have long to stay and it’s perhaps lucky the cafe was so busy I couldn’t find a table, as that made me climb the old swimming pool steps to the third floor and the weavers viewing gallery.

Around the walls of the viewing balcony, which I presume once had a view of the pool, hang many beautiful and colourful tapestries. And in the centre a huge studio with three or four tapestries being created in front of our eyes.


It’s a wonderfully calm room, quiet apart from the soothing ‘clack clack clack’ of the weavers hard at work.

I only wish I could of stayed longer, and had had my coloured pencils with me. I sketched in black ink, later adding a little colour wash to the best of my memory. But it in no way does justice to the colours on display there.


For more information on the Dovecot Studios visit their website HERE.


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