A trip to Loch Ness; Sketches from the NessBus


Yesterday I travelled to Loch Ness and back on board the NessBus, and these are my rough sketches from a great day out.


We left Edinburgh just after 8am and in the following 12 hours packed in an unbelievable amount of sights, sounds and history from this wonderful country.

As we pootled around Scotland in a wee orange bus our guide for the day told of battles both recent and ancient, of uprisings and massacres, of Clan origins and place name meanings.

The fact I felt the time had flown by even though we had covered a staggering 350 miles was testament to how we were looked after and kept busy with a packed itinerary. That and the fact a dram or two was had at the afternoon distillery tour!

NessBus2 NessBus3

These are my quick sketches from the day. I am going to create a bigger illustration using elements of these and photographs I took on the tour.

I wouldn’t usually show workings at this stage but I thought it might be interesting for you to see my rough work from the day, before the final sketch is completed.



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