American Lulu at the King’s Theatre

AL_LuluPhotographerLast night I was lucky enough to attend the dress rehearsal of ‘American Lulu’ at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh, part of the Edinburgh International Festival and performed by Scottish Opera and The Orchestra of Scottish Opera. 


Set against the backdrop of the US civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1970s the audience are transported to the smoky jazz clubs of the Deep South, to follow the story of Lula, a seductress, victim and manipulator.


Caught up in greedy games and seedy schemes, and surrounded by lovers driven to despair, Lulu makes an inexorable rise to the highest levels of power, money and fame. But her descent is just as swift. Twenty years on, as the scarred Lulu looks back on her life, she faces a squalid history of sex, murder and violence.

AL_KingsRoomThe opera is only on tonight, and tomorrow. For more information visit the EIF website HERE

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