Eh Joe at the Royal Lyceum

I attended my first press call for this years Edinburgh International Festival tonight. I felt a little old fashioned surrounded by photographers, each with a huge bag of equipment, multiple lenses and cameras as bigger than their heads. Me with my little A5 sketch pad and fine liner pen.

It was very exciting to be ushered through from the stage door to the stalls, to see our very own performance from the great Michael Gambon, playing a man tormented by his own thoughts, in this Samuel Becket play.


The text I scribbled above reads..

“Old man looks out of door, out of window. Lies in bed but is kept awake by his subconscious talking to him. Sits in same place throughout the play, live film is projected on to screen in front of him, as he listens to thoughts.”

Despite being only 30 minutes long, the Edinburgh International Festival play is intense and absorbing, and superbly acted by Michael Gambon.


Eh Joe runs until 31st August nightly at the Royal Lyceum Theatre. To book tickets and for more information visit their website HERE.

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