Fringe appeal

FringeRoyalMile2013I got in a perfect position to sketch this performer and his captivated audience this week, on the Royal Mile. Now in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival the street is jam packed with street acts performing, fringe acts selling their shows and tourists taking it all in.


I love to find a new or different angle for my sketches and as I walked through the crowds I noticed this perfectly framed scene, I love the fringe banner above and St Giles Cathedral in the background. The Royal Mile in August isn’t just a place to watch the performers, it is also great for people watching. So here is my sketch of the audience watching a guitar player, who was excellent by the way, he must of been to have such a large crowd listening so intently.


If you are heading up in to town this morning have a great time, and smile – you may be being sketched 🙂

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