FrederickStTattooSketching on Frederick Street this evening, soaking up the Fringe atmosphere and waiting for my take-away Chinese to be cooked. Suddenly woosh! – these two jets flashed across the skies, and my sketch.


They fly low over every night while the Tattoo is on at Edinburgh Castle, and what a noise they make! 🙂

In the background of the sketch you will see the Tattoo stands, erected each year for the event. If you are visiting the Tattoo have a fabulous time, by all accounts it is quite a spectacle. I’m not sure who the statue is of at the top of the road, can anyone tell me?


This sketch shows a return to my Letraset pens I was using a few months back, much quicker and less fiddley than the watercolour, and more vivid colours.


Below is the black and white version, before I added the colour.


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