Pedal on Parliament

PedalOnParliament2013cThe family and I had a great afternoon pedalling a traffic free route from the Meadows to the Scottish Parliament today to show support for Pedal on Parliament 2013.

Pedal on Parliament is a grass-roots group of cyclists who want to see Scotland become a place where everyone can cycle safely and enjoyably. And who can argue with that? I cycle most days through the heart of Edinburgh and will encourage my children to do the same, it is a healthy and enjoyable way of getting from A to B. I would like Edinburgh and Scotland to be as cycle friendly as possible.

These are my sketches from the day, thankfully the rain held off and there was an impressive turn out. Thanks to twitter cyclist Steven for lending us a twin trailer for the Sketcher toddlers, it was our first time using it and I can’t wait to use it again on the cycle paths around Edinburgh.

My only niggle about the day was that once we had arrived at the Scottish Parliament and listened to the speeches there was no traffic free route back to the Meadows. I wasn’t confident to take the twins on the busy roads back through town and so pedalled back myself to pick up the car. Perhaps next year a return route can be made traffic free too.


2 thoughts on “Pedal on Parliament”

  1. I had been raking around to see if I had been photographed at the rally but I hadn’t realised that I am in a sketch!

    That’s my recumbent trike just to the left of the “it” in the caption “We made it to the parliament”.


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