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WhereArtI51cThe #WhereArtI quiz is a little different this morning, I’ve been posting a sketch a little at a time, and here is the final finished sketch. You should all know this famous Edinburgh landmark now.

HERE is my first glimpse, and second HERE, posted earlier this morning.


The rules are simple, each week I sketch a mystery location within Edinburgh, all you have to do is tell me where I am. Can you place the sketch?


Remember to include the hashtag #wherearti with your answers either below, on facebook or twitter and also to keep an eye on the ES facebook page and twitter for clues throughout the day.


Answers to come by this time tomorrow, and although for now the quiz is just for fun the first three correct answers will get a mention plus a link from my site for anyone who makes it onto the WhereArtI leader board.

One thought on “WhereArtI 051c”

  1. Well done everyone who told me the sketch above is the John Knox House on the Royal Mile. Especially those who got it from the earlier version, see HERE.

    Located in The Netherbow, the halfway point in the Royal Mile and the site of Edinburgh’s medieval gateway, the house dates back to 1470 and and was the residence of John Knox, the Protestant reformer.

    Now part of the Scottish Storytelling Centre you can find out more on their website HERE.

    The first three to give me the correct answer this week were 1st: @lemon_squeezy; 2nd: @boringlybookish and 3rd @nadyasmusings

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