National Libraries Day


Tomorrow is National Libraries Day, a culmination of a week’s worth of celebrations in school, college, university, workplace and public libraries across the UK. Click HERE for more information.

This morning I popped into the Central Library on George IV Bridge, Edinburgh and enjoyed a quiet sketch of a few of the books they have available for loan.

With the ease of the internet it is all to easy to forget about these fascinating buildings, full of knowledge and beautiful architecture.

I would spend hours as a kid in libraries and museums, in awe of the art and creativity not only on the walls and shelves, but the huge walls, staircases and door ways too. I wouldn’t like to imagine a day when these buildings are all turned into themed restaurants or the like, but unfortunately I can.

So head to the library today, and take out a book. And if you still have a few at home, that you borrowed a while back then take advantage of the Edinburgh library book fines amnesty which runs from tomorrow until Friday 15th February. For more info click HERE.

For more about the National Library of Scotland visit their website HERE.

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