Kiss the fish

Has anyone been to this art and crafts studio nestling off the main street in Stockbridge? I first heard about it when my sister visited last year – she found it on t’internet and took her daughter, they raved about it afterwards. They had made and decorated a lovely giraffe together.

I passed at the weekend and had a look in but they were busy with a birthday party so I sketched this outside instead. I think my two are a little young just yet but definitely one for the future – I’m hoping the mums and dads can get messy  too 🙂

Click HERE for their website and next time your in Stockbridge seek them out and decorate something!

The sketch was done in pencil, in a n A5 pad.

2 thoughts on “Kiss the fish”

  1. Hey great sketch mark, I love that place. There was a lovely cafe on the Main Street for breakfast too! Xx

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